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Z641 pneumatic valve

Z641  pneumatic valve

Z641 Series pneumatic valve with manual wedge is a pneumatic actuator (double cylinder, with a buffering mechanism), and manual and Protection Agency (manual and pneumatic self-locking - manual conversion device) Low stand clear shot valve. The valve due to the use of double cylinder structure, which compared with the single-cylinder pneumatic valve, lifting force increases doubled. This solves some of the valve body the death of a single cylinder pneumatic wedge gate valve does not open from the fundamental ills. Moreover, since the valve is provided with a buffer mechanism, can effectively slow down when the light valve is closed, due to the impact of the piston down the wear caused by the sealing surface of the valve dray sealing surface and the valve body, while also avoiding the phenomenon of death shutter plate .
In order to meet users to achieve operational automation, the company in addition to the supply of the products, also available separately, including stents, including the cylinder block, helping users to the existing wide range of manual valve to transform part of the cylinder pneumatic actuators manual gate valve installed in large cap, can constitute a pneumatic cylinder - manual dual gate.
Because of its advanced technology, reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance switch has been petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, shipping and other departments as piped gas, liquid medium opening and closing device and widely used.
Pneumatic valve flange structural features
1, the valve consists of body, bonnet, gate, stem, seals, double cylinder and piston rod, partitions along with buffering mechanism, manual, pneumatic - manual conversion device and bonnet packing unit composition and other parts.
2, the upper end of the piston stroke of the line to be on top of the back to the hearing so that the sender; the lower end of the piston stroke may be under the top line next time hearing device, so that the sender, as the valve opening and closing the information in a central operations room be simulated on the dashboard display.
3, the upper portion of the overhanging hand wheel up and down the indicator rod, the valve is a gate mark is in the raised state or in a degraded state. When the valve is closed, indicating rod extended at the lowest position; Conversely, when the valve fully open, indicating rod overhang in the highest position. Namely, the state of the scene based valve opening and closing instructions.
4, the Department is equipped with a pneumatic cylinder head - Manual conversion devices. Converting the handle clockwise to mention go to the "pneumatic" positioning hole location, the valve is pneumatically operated state; conversely, converting the handle counterclockwise to mention to "manual" is scheduled for hole positioning, valve can be manually operated. Change the direction opposite the handle with a bevel gear. When operating the valve manually, hand wheel rotation and ordinary manual valves, ie clockwise turned off, turned counterclockwise to open. With bevel gears opposite.
The main performance parameters of pneumatic valve flange
PN: 1.6,
Operating temperature: -29 ~ 425 ℃ (steel) -40 ~ + 550 ℃ (stainless steel)
Nominal Diameter: DN50 ~ 800mm
Body material: 304.306.316L.WCB.HT200
Flange: JB / T79. GB913. HG20592
Applicable medium: air, water, steam, oil and nitric acid, acetic acid and other corrosive fluids
Mode of action: cut-off, adjust the type, manual control
Power supply voltage: 220VAC, 24VAC
Input signal: 4 ~ 20mA / 1 ~ 5VDC
0 ~ 20mA / 0 ~ 10VDC
Pneumatic valve flange structural principle
This series of products to 0.4 ~ 0.6MPa (gauge pressure) as the working pressure compressed air purification, pushes the piston, the gate drive for vertical displacement in the fluid, opens the on-off valve to achieve the purpose.
Double cylinder cleverly designed and buffering mechanism
The cylinder and the working principle of the double buffer mechanism, the shutter according to the work of the four stages described as follows:
  1, open the front gate stage: the upper cylinder piston (hereinafter referred to as the piston) and the lower cylinder piston (hereinafter referred to as lower piston) as well as by force, under the stem, piston driven, single-piston almost twice the lifting force to overcome the maximum static friction damper seal face and body sealing surfaces between the gate drive rise. Compressed air from the lower chamber of the cylinder, set in a specific channel through the separator through the connecting pipe to reach the lower chamber under the cylinder and push the piston up and down simultaneously. The lower chamber of the gas cylinder, after setting another specific channel within the division. Discharge cylinder body unobstructed.
2, the gate opened later stage: After the gate slightly open, run under the piston to top dead center, the gate driven by the piston continues to rise, until the fully open position.
3, the valve is closed before the stage: Under the impetus of the piston, the gate to leave the fully open position, began to decline.
4, the shutter is closed after the stages: the piston when it hits the piston boss and the driven piston, continues to decrease, since the lower air chamber of the lower cylinder and the intake passage of the lower cylinder chamber is provided an exhaust passage hindered significantly slowed down the speed of the shutter goes to fall to the fully closed position. Slowing down the impact of the gate, shutting the valve itself may, without the valve plate wedge too tight, while also protecting the sealing surface, from the violent impact and damage. Flexible and reliable pneumatic - manual conversion mechanism, pneumatic cylinder head mounted unit - manual conversion mechanism, gate open in any position on the closing process, can be very easy to turn the operating handle directly carried out by manual or pneumatic to manually to convert pneumatic mode of operation, the conversion operation handle with self-locking after locating pin design, the handle positioning, reliable stabilization. When the solenoid valve and its control circuit or air supply system fails, without other aids can be quickly converted to manual operation, to ensure the normal operation of the line, to avoid accidents. Self-control systems before new construction is not completed, this series valve can reliably use as a manual valve, flexible brisk action.
Off valve is adjustable by adjusting the time, the buffer mechanism is mounted on the spacer, but also the gate turn-off time can be adjusted within a certain range.
The valve can be equipped with electricity or gas back to the hearing, to send the valve switch status information. Therefore, using this valve can achieve remote control, centralized control and automatic control.
A cylinder of the valve cylinder corrosion corrosion selection in seamless steel pipe manufacturing, the inner surface coated with corrosion resistant hard chrome and polished, with a friction force is small and difficult to corrosion, high hardness, long life and other advantages.
2, cylinder seals NBR ○ ring, reliable sealing performance, easy to replace maintenance

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