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ZSQP pneumatic piston shut-off valve

ZSQP pneumatic piston shut-off valve


ZSQP pneumatic piston shut-off valve (referred to as the piston shut-off valve), is a pneumatic unit instrument of execution units. It receives signals from the adjustment of the instrument, control the process piping and turn on or off the fluid flow channel switching. The product has a large operating force, the body design is novel, small flow resistance, rated flow coefficient, allowable pressure large, excellent sealing performance advantages. Which is widely used in the production process automatic control and remote control systems in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, textile and other industrial sectors.
Pneumatic piston shut-off valve by pneumatic piston actuator and straight stroke adjustment mechanism composed of two parts, connected in the middle of the bracket. According to the type of adjustment mechanism, pneumatic piston shut-off valve can be divided through single-seat shut-off valve (ZSQP type), through the sleeve shut-off valve (ZSQM type), two-way shut-off valve (ZSQN type) three types. Pneumatic piston actuator with a single action (spring return) and double acting (double intake) two kinds. Single-acting actuators, the whole mode of action can be divided into gas shut-in (horizontal lines on) gas open (horizontal line disconnected). Off valves pneumatic piston seal and soft seal two kinds of sealed formation were applied to different temperatures and pressures.
  When the signal pressure is zero, since the spring (single action only) preload, the spool is in the initial state (normally open or normally closed). When executing agency received signal pressure (0.4 ~ 0.6MPa), generating thrust piston, compression springs, drive putter, valve spool moves to the limit position, the valve fully open or fully closed. The pipe is turned to the medium to achieve the connection or disconnection between the switch control line. Equipped with two-way solenoid valves, piston-type shut-off valve control is more convenient and simple.
Pneumatic piston shut-off valve connection size and standard
Flange Standard: cast iron flanges GB4216-84 steel flange GB9113-88, JB / T79-94
Flange sealing surface type: PN16 convex PN40,64 for uneven surfaces, concave body
Structure length: GB12221-89
Actuator Signal Interface: M10X1
* Body flange and flange end face can be specified from the user standards.
Such as: ANSI, JIS, DIN and other standards
The main shut-off valve pneumatic piston parts and materials
Body: HT200, ZG230 ~ 450 or above material lining
Diaphragm: Ding Quan rubber, natural rubber, PTFE bellows
Film: Polyester fabric reinforced nitrile rubber clip
Spring: 60S12Mn body lining material and Scope
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