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FT44H lever Float Steam Traps

FT44H lever Float Steam Traps

Performance advantages
1, continuous emission saturated condensate accumulation of water heating equipment will not have to obtain the highest thermal efficiency.
2, when the vapor pressure changes affected drive lever float valve automatically adjusts the opening of the hole, working continuously, stable performance,
3, good exhaust air performance. Auto exhaust air unit can discharge hot gas is not condensed, no air lock phenomenon, work smoothly without noise.
4, the sealing performance. Seals using spherical seal, no centralized factory work wear life.
Heating equipment for steam and condensate recovery system and the need to quickly exclude condensate conditions, automatically, quickly and continuously exclude condensate, effectively prevent steam leakage, and get the best heating effect.
When the valve is just starting, automatic exhaust air unit quickly removed from the system non-condensing gases. When the steam and hot condensed water into the valve cavity with increasing temperature, exhaust air devices automatically shut down, float according to changes in the water level of condensate and make movements, led the opening of the seat adjustment lever hole, continuous discharge of condensate . When entering stop condensate float by gravity drop, driven close the drain valve lever drive spool hole.
Use and maintenance
1, should be recognized body of material, the maximum pressure and temperature can meet the required conditions.
2, must be cleaned before installing the pipe, remove the debris.
3, the installation location should be as close to heating equipment.
4, should be installed at the lowest point of the pipeline level, consistent with the valve on the flow direction marked.
5, each heating equipment to be installed on each trap, so as not to affect each other.
6, to ensure the safe operation of the system when the valve slowly open the trap of money, and he gradually warmed to a normal state.
7, to regular maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of the trap.
Selection based primarily on
Condensate load (liquid displacement) kg / h (optional magnification 2-3 times)
Maximum working pressure MPa
Working pressure MPa
Body material and nominal
Connection and dimensions

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