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Under Show type discharge valve

Under Show type discharge valve

Under Show type discharge valve is mainly used to reflect, a bottom tanks and other containers, nesting, by means of the valve at the bottom of the flange welded to the bottom of the tank and the other, thus eliminating the phenomenon of residual process medium is usually in container exports. Discharge valve according to actual needs, put the bottom structure designed for flat type, V-shaped body, and provides two ways of working to improve and decrease the valve. The body cavity is equipped with anti-erosion, corrosion-resistant seals, open the valve in an instant, you can protect the body being washed media, corrosion, and seals were special treatment, the surface hardness of HRC56-62, with high wear , corrosion-resistant function. Valve cover seals are required when there are surfacing alloy, sealed with thread sealing deputy to ensure the reliability of sealing and prevent scarring. Meanwhile, take a short trip valve design. Widely used in the chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes, food processing and other industries. Various operation modes, for example, manual, pneumatic (spring return, double-acting, with handwheel and without handwheel), electric, hydraulic, and other gear.
The valve is easy to operate, open the freedom movement flexible and reliable; simple valve assembly and maintenance, sealing structure is reasonable, convenient and practical seal replacement handwheel clockwise, the valve closes, the valve stem moves up, the valve for the exhibition-style, hand wheel. clockwise, the valve closes, the valve stem is rotated downward, the valve for the next Expansion
Performance Parameters
Working pressure 1.6Mpa
Working medium is water, oil, liquid, acid, etc.
Operating temperature of <= 175 o C. stainless steel <= 320 o C carbon steel

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