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ZCS water solenoid valve

ZCS water solenoid valve

ZCS water electromagnetic valve is used with water or a liquid to a gas as a medium, into the liquid level, concentration and flow rate measurement or control of discharge cycles, such as automatic-off type switch two two two normally closed or normally open.
Structural features
Diaphragm solenoid pilot operating structure
Valve flow increased by 10% than ordinary valve
Special sealing structure and special sealing materials leak
Long life is five times more than similar products
Low operating smoothly noise, water hammer impact, no shaking sound
Using diaphragm, cleanliness requirements for medium low
Stainless steel movable core durable, fast response;
Piping can be installed at any angle way, life is best to enhance the level of tube coil up
Explosion coils conform T4, T5 and measured CE standards (Germany NASS coil)
Reference Standard: GB3836 • 9 proof mark Exm I / IIT4 (domestic coil)
Structural principle
The valve diameter of 15 to 100 for the diaphragm valve opening for the second pilot operated solenoid valves, diameter of 125 to 300 for three open pilot valve solenoid valve, and its structure is dominated by the Deputy valve and the main valve. Depending on the state in which the switch when power can be divided into a normally closed solenoid valve and a normally open solenoid valve. Normally closed solenoid valve, normally position, the movable core deputy valve port seal, pressure balance valve chamber, vice valve, the main valve port closed. When the coil is energized, the electromagnetic force: the suction on the movable iron core, the auxiliary valve is open, the media from the outside of the valve guide World main valve chamber, so that the main valve is a pressure difference between the valve cup, the diaphragm or the valve cup is lifted up and down rapidly main valve port open, the valve was connected state.
When the coil is de-energized, the magnetic field disappears, the movable core reset, vice valve port closed, then the vice valve and the main valve cup pressure rise, the main valve cup pressed to the seat, the valve was closed again.
Normally open solenoid valve, when the coil is energized, produces a magnetic armature magnetic force down, push down the valve cup deputy vice valve is closed, with the cup up and down the main valve pressure tends to be equal, the main valve cup by since the weight of the sealing surface of the valve closes. When the coil is de-energized, the magnetic force is zero, the armature Qi, deputy valve spring cup due to rising Vice valve is opened, the main valve cup medium flow away through the secondary valve, pressure drop, when the pressure dropped to a certain value, the main valve valve cup rises upward from the upper and lower pressure difference, the main valve is opened, the valve is opened.

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