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GV4043 fan coil electric two-way valve

GV4043 fan coil electric two-way valve

Body Material: Forged Brass
Stem Material: Brass
Sealing material: nitrile rubber (NBR)
Drive Chassis: Stainless Steel
Drive cover: Aluminum
Gv4303 series of electric valve is used to control central air conditioning system, heating system pipe open or closed, to achieve the purpose of the control room. Control valve hysteresis synchronous motor driven by a one-way, spring return. When the valve does not work in a normally closed state, when the need to work, provided by a thermostat valve opening signal to the electric valve connected to AC power and action, open the valve, chilled water or hot water into the fan coil, to provide room air-conditioning or heating; when the room temperature reaches the thermostat setting, the thermostat so the electric valve off, turn off the valve return spring, thus cutting off the flow of water into the fan coil. By closing and opening the valve, so that room temperature is always maintained at the thermostat set temperature range.
GV4303 series of electric valve with optional auxiliary switch, used to control other devices; takeover can choose different forms, apply voltage to meet different needs.
GV4303 series of electric valve, flexible operation, reliable, durable, low noise, and can withstand in a concealed fan coil unit often appears in hot and humid environment.

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