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Explosion Fire breathing valve

Explosion Fire breathing valve

ZFQ-1-proof Fire breathing valve and the product set flame arrester breathing valve as a whole, its novel structure for domestic initiative. It is necessary for the new petrochemical tank safety equipment, its biggest advantage is a good Fire breathing performance, light weight, easy maintenance. Oil and the nature of the product is suitable for storing the point below 28 ℃ CPI oil and flash point below 60 ℃ in Group B oil, such as gasoline, benzene, toluene, kerosene, light diesel oil, crude oil, etc. chemical products use the same tank, it works fine at -35 ℃ -60 ℃ of ambient temperature.
Performance and Features
1, steel and aluminum case selection, good corrosion resistance
2, corrugated fire resistant layer made ​​of stainless steel materials, good fire resistance, good corrosion resistance
3, simple structure, easy maintenance, safe and convenient
Care and Maintenance
1, the use of safety valves in order to breathe, you should periodically remove the corrugated fire resistant layer within 3-6 months, cleaned, to ensure the smooth flow of each hole on a fire resistant layer to prevent clogging and ensure the safety of normal use
2, regular checks through the atmosphere positive and negative valve plate movement is flexible, guide rod and the sealing surface of the valve disc contacts for damage, if damaged should immediately swap
3, in the inspection and maintenance re-installation, be sure that all the joint surface with the valve tight, flexible valve disk lift
4, when the new valve is enabled, the former should be installed between the valve disc removal shockproof material, otherwise breathing valve malfunction

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