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J41B ammonia shutoff valve

J41B ammonia shutoff valve

J41B ammonia flange sealing surface of the valve closing using babbitt, PTFE, nylon and so on. Low-temperature-resistant high-quality carbon steel or stainless steel body, long service life. Is installed in the equipment or pipeline refrigeration systems for the channel on and off refrigerant flows encountered in the course of the magnitude of change in environmental temperature difference can naturally achieve chemical processing performance.
The main purpose
Ammonia shutoff valve with flange suitable for temperatures -40 to +120 degrees Celsius ammonia, ammonia pipeline and liquefied gas pipeline liquid medium for opening and closing action. Mainly suitable for freezing, refrigeration, chemical, petroleum, food, metallurgy, gas and other units.
Pass through the range: DN15 ~ DN300
Pressure range: 1.6MPa ~ 4.0MPa
Temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃
Medium range: propane, Ping-ene, methanol, ethane, gas, ammonia, liquefied natural gas and other low-temperature media

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