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Valve type and name of the preparation

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Valve naming
For the connection of the form "flange", structure type is: gate valve, "the next shot," "flexible" and "rigid" and "single gate"; shut-off valve, throttle, "straight-through; ball" floating ball "" fixed ball "and" straight-through "; butterfly" vertical plate "; diaphragm" roof style "; cock" filler "and" straight-through "; check valve" straight-through "and" Single flap style "; safety valve" not closed "," bottom valve sealing surface material "used in naming herein are omitted.
Valve type and name of the preparation of the sample
Example 1: electric, flange connection, the next shot wedge double plate, seat sealing surface material directly processed by the body, engineering pressure PN1, the body is made of gray cast iron gate: Z942W-1 electric Wedge double plate valve
Example 2: manual, external thread connection, floating straight-seat sealing surface material for fluorine plastic, nominal pressure PN40, body material for the ball 1Cr18Ni9Ti of: Q21F-40P externally threaded ball valve
Example 3: Pneumatic normally open, flanged, roof structure and rubber lining, nominal PN6, gray cast iron body material Diaphragm: G6K41J-6 pneumatic rubber lined diaphragm valve normally open
Example 4: hydraulic, flanged, vertical plate, seat sealing surface material is bronze, valve sealing surface material for rubber, nominal PN2.5, body material is gray cast iron butterfly: D741X-2.5 hydraulic butterfly
Example 5: Electric drive butt welding connection, straight-seat sealing surface material for surfacing alloy, working temperature 540 ℃ when the working pressure 17.0MPa, cut-off valve body materials Luo molybdenum steel: J961Y-P54170V electric welding deadline valve

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