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Q41F soft seal valve

Q41F soft seal valve

Q41F soft seal valve is not only simple structure, good sealing performance, but also in smaller nominal within a certain range of volume pass through, light weight, less material consumption, small installation size, and the drive torque is small, easy to operate, easy to open and close fast , is the last decade, one of the fastest developing varieties valve. Soft seal valve is evolved from the plug, it's opening and closing parts as a sphere, using a sphere around the stem axis of rotation 90 ° to achieve the purpose of opening and closing. Soft seal valve in the pipeline is mainly used for cutting, distribution and change the direction of media flow in chemical products, pharmaceuticals and food business types; in hydropower, thermal power and nuclear power operating system; industrial enterprises in the city and drainage, for heat, and gas supply systems; in farmland irrigation and drainage system in; been widely used operating system in metallurgy, construction and operation of a national defense construction and the people's lives, the important mechanical products. Manual soft seal valve sealed in all types of piping systems kinds for cut off or connected media streaming, the media in accordance with a predetermined program transported to various designated points.
Soft seal valve Features
(A) fluid resistance is small, its drag coefficient with the same pipe length equal.
Simple (2) structure, small size, light weight.
(3) close and reliable valve sealing surface material widely used plastics, sealing, and has also been widely used in the vacuum system.
(4) easy to operate, opening and closing rapidly, from fully open to fully closed as long as the rotation of 90 °, to facilitate remote control.
(5) easy maintenance, simple ball valve, seals are generally activities, removal of the replacement is more convenient.
(6) In the fully open or fully closed, the sealing surface and the dielectric isolation ball and seat, through the media, does not cause erosion of the valve sealing surface.
(7) for a wide range from small diameter to a few millimeters to a few meters from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied. When the ball is rotated 90 degrees, in the import and export of office should be fully rendered sphere, thus cutting off the flow.