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Good quality, first-class service Qigao creates more value for you!

"Qigao Valve" expects to continuously improve service quality and strive for excellence. "Sincere service" is the eternal theme of "Qigao". “Qigao” strictly follows the IS09001-2000 quality system certification requirements, strict quality control, responsibility to people, to ensure the healthy operation of production, sales and service. Strengthen communication with users and provide quality products to our customers with perfection and perfect service. Hereby our factory makes the following commitments:

Product Standards:

The products are designed, manufactured and accepted in strict accordance with Chinese GB, HG standards and US API standards. The hardness of the sealing surface meets the requirements of the state and the width exceeds the national standard.

pre-sale service:

Product introduction, technical exchange, non-standard product design, troubleshooting.

In-sale service:

A trustworthy contract guarantees timely delivery and keeps in touch with customers. For special or duplicate products, our factory arranges technicians to use and troubleshoot the products for users.

After sales service:

1. The quality period of “Qigao” brand products is 12 months from the factory, and the “three guarantees” service (return, replacement, warranty) is implemented.

2. During the use of the product, our factory regularly organizes technical and quality inspection personnel to visit, and consults users on product quality, usage status, and improvement opinions to further improve product quality.

3. Respond quickly to the quality of user complaints, and the after-sales service personnel rushed to the scene in 24-36 hours (48 hours outside the province).

4. For after-sales service, the user is required to fill out the quality feedback information form after the service and make an appraisal opinion in order to improve the service quality of Qigao.

1. If the customer has special requirements for the product, the following instructions must be provided in the order contract:

  a, the length of the structure;

  b, the connection form;

  c, nominal diameter, full diameter, reduced diameter, pipe size;

  d, operating medium and temperature, pressure range;

  e, test, inspection standards and other requirements

2. The factory can configure all kinds of driving devices according to customer's specific requirements.

3. If the type and model of the valve are determined by the customer, the customer shall correctly state the meaning and requirements of the model, and sign the contract under the condition that the supplier and the buyer understand each other.

4, futures, ordering customers, please call the letter in detail to tell the required valve model, specifications, quantity and delivery time, location, and timely into the total account of 30% of the deposit or full payment into our factory account, the rest of the payment Import before shipment, in order to arrange delivery in time.

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