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Best quality , excellent service and create more value for the extraordinarily high you !

" QIGAO Valve" expectations , improve service quality , excellence, "honest services" is " extraordinarily high " eternal theme. " Extraordinarily high " in strict accordance with IS09001-2000 quality system certification requirements, strict quality, responsibility to the people , to ensure the production , sales and healthy operation of the service. Enhance communication with users and dedication to our customers to provide quality products, flawless service . I plant hereby make the following commitments:

Product Standard:

Products in strict accordance with Chinese GB, HG standards and American standards such as API design, manufacture , inspection . Sealing surface hardness of the national requirements, wider than the national standard.

Pre-sale services :

Product introduction, technical exchanges, non-standard product design, troubleshooting.

Sale of services:

Trustworthy contract to ensure timely delivery, keep in touch with clients. Special or copied products, our factory technicians arrange for product users , troubleshooting


1 , " extraordinarily high " brand product quality period of 12 months from the factory , the "Three Guarantees " service ( refunding, replacement , warranty ) .

2, the product is in use in our plant regularly organizes technical , quality control personnel to access , consult the user of the product quality , usage, improved feedback , etc., in order to further improve product quality.

3 , on the quality of customer complaints quickly react to service personnel in 24-36 hours ( 48 hours outside ) to the scene.

4 , for service, quality feedback requires the user to fill in the information table service and make expert opinion , in order to improve the extraordinarily high quality of service.

1 , customers have special requirements , such as the product , shall provide the following description in the contract :

a, length of the structure ;

b, connections form ;

c, nominal diameter, full bore , necking , pipe size ;

d, run medium and temperature , pressure range ;

e, test, test standards and other requirements

2 , the factory can configure various types of drives based on customer specific requirements.

3 , as provided by the customer to determine when the valve type and model , customers should properly explain the meaning and requirements of the model , signed a contract under the same conditions of supply and demand sides understand .

4 , futures, customer orders , please call letter specifically tell the desired valve type , size, quantity and delivery time, place , and then 30% of the total pre- payment or full payment promptly import my plant account , the rest of the purchase price to be shipped before the import arrangements for timely delivery .