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Swing check valve working principle and structure characteristics

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Swing check valve is the valve body cavity around the rocker shaft rotational movement of the check valve. Principle swing check valves open and close with a lift check valve , just as by fluid pressure and valve action of its own weight , the difference is that the way is open and close the valve rotary motion rather than up and down movement of fluid the entrance should be able to impact the direction of the side of the valve rotation .

Swing check valve closure member is a considerable pipe diameter or disc valve , the valve chamber suspended in the fluid in the forward flow of fluid under pressure to open the valve , the valve when the pressure drops in countercurrent fluid pressure and weight off the next . Swing check valve from the valve body , valve cover , valve and rocker components. Disk-shaped valve seat passageway outside the rotational movement around the pin . The valve channel was streamlined, flow resistance than the straight- lift check valve should be small , suitable for large diameter pipes . However, low pressure , the sealing performance as lift check valves. To improve the sealing performance of the hammer can be used or the structure of the auxiliary spring assisted seal.

Due to the weight of the valve , and when swing check valve opens, fluid resistance is relatively large. Further , since the valve flap suspended in the fluid , the fluid can produce turbulence . It also shows that by fluid swing check valve pressure drop is greater than the pressure drop through other forms of non-return valve . When a sudden change in flow direction , the valve seat in the closed violently , causing the seat to considerable wear , and water hammer along the pipe , in order to overcome this problem , the damper device can be mounted on the valve, using a metal reducing valve seat wear . Check valve professional manufacturer - Hatch High Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. products are valve silencer , silent check valve , vertical check valve, butterfly valve , ball valve, swing -return valve , lift check valve , wafer check valve, rubber flap valve, micro slow Close Check Valve , etc. , quality assurance, reasonable price, welcome to inquire Order !

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