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Working principle and structural characteristics of swing check valve


Swing check valve is a check valve that rotates around the rocker shaft in the body cavity. The opening and closing principle of swing check valve is the same as that of lift check valve. It is also operated by the action of fluid pressure and the weight of the disc. The difference is that the disc is opened and closed by rotating motion instead of moving up and down. The inlet direction of the fluid should be on the side of the disc which can impact the rotation of the disc.

The swing check valve closure is a valve disc or disc with the same pipe diameter, suspended in the valve chamber. The disc opens under the action of fluid pressure when the fluid is flowing forward, and closes under the action of gravity and countercurrent fluid pressure when the pressure drops. Swing check valves consist of body, bonnet, disc and rocker. The disc is disc shaped and rotates around the pin outside the valve seat passageway. The inner passage of the valve is streamlined, and the flow resistance is smaller than that of the straight-through check valve. It is suitable for large diameter pipeline. However, its sealing performance is lower than that of lift check valve at low pressure. In order to improve the sealing performance, auxiliary spring or heavy hammer structure auxiliary seal can be used.

Because of the weight of the disc, when the swing check valve is opened, the resistance to the fluid is relatively large. In addition, because the disc is suspended in the fluid, it can cause turbulence in the fluid. This also indicates that the hydraulic pressure drop of the swing check valve is greater than that of the check valve through other forms. When the flow direction suddenly changes, the disc will be closed violently on the seat, which will cause great wear and tear, and along the pipe water hammer, to overcome this problem, can be installed on the disc damping device, and the use of metal seats to reduce seat wear. Shanghai Qigao Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of check valves. Its products include silent check valves, silent check valves, vertical check valves, butterfly check valves, ball check valves, swing check valves, lift check valves, clamp check valves, rubber disc check valves, micro retardant check valves, etc. Reasonable case, welcome to inquire and order!

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